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How often do office air conditioners need to be serviced?

how often do office air conditioners need to be serviced

It’s only in the last few years that air conditioning has really become the norm in most offices. As the summer arrives, everyone’s reliance on the office air conditioners increases.

But how can we tell how often office air conditioners should be serviced, and who is it we can speak to when a service is required?

How often do air conditioners need servicing?

An air conditioning installation should be serviced yearly, even if you do not suspect that your AC unit has problems. For every year that your air conditioning is in operation, not serviced, it loses 5% of its efficiency which means the unit will have to work harder.

AC maintenance is an investment which will help you to save money and extend the life of your air conditioning unit in the long run.

Regular maintenance is important so it’s vital to ensure this happens annually – not just for maximum efficiency in the summer months, but for Health and Safety reasons. A clean, serviceable, safe, and efficient air conditioning system is important for welfare, comfort and a contented workplace and workforce.

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The signs of inefficient air conditioners 

There are a few points to note about servicing office air conditioners. Whilst it is normal to service them yearly, it pays to have them checked more regularly, especially if:

  • They haven’t been used for a while.
  • They’ve been used extensively, and are used for both heating and cooling.
  • There are noises such as rattles can be heard during operation.
  • They are operating in dirty/dusty atmospheric conditions.
  • Drips can be seen around condensers, pipes or units.
  • The blown air doesn’t seem as cool as it should be. This could be a sign of a gas issue.
  • The existing air conditioning installation is too small or not powerful enough for the size of office.

So, it is useful to have your office air conditioners serviced more regularly than once a year, and it can be cost effective and have more longevity for your unit’s lifespan.

Keep your air conditioning reliable

There are numerous opinions we can ask for, such as the building owner, the Facilities Management company, the landlord, or maintenance company, but these can be timely or sometimes inaccurate.

By hiring a professional air conditioning company to check your office temperature control system, you can be reassured that experienced professionals will resolve any issues or concerns you may have. It is possible to have service packages arranged for future checks, or even warranty work undertaken even if the system was installed by a different company.

With the correct advice and insight, an air conditioning maintenance plan can be developed to ensure the system is always working at peak performance.

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