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How maintaining your air conditioning can save you money

When it comes to good quality air conditioning for commercial or industrial properties, regular maintenance is really important. By maintaining and servicing your air conditioning, issues and faults can be avoided for optimal performance.

Efficient air conditioning

A common issue with air conditioning is a build-up or blockage in the air filters. With regular maintenance, this can be cleaned regularly to ensure it doesn’t stop your air conditioning from functioning properly. With clean, clear filters, your air conditioning is much more efficient, which can help reduce your bills. Your unit will also last much longer.

Diagnose faults in advance

Small technical faults can accumulate over time with air conditioning, merely from general use. You can save money and avoid technical faults by regularly checking the air conditioning. By maintaining them, you can notice faults or problems in advance before they stop your air conditioning working altogether.

Keep your warranty

If you don’t have regular maintenance checks or any maintenance schedule at all, your warranty with Total Environmental Kooling will be void. So any faults, issues or breakdowns that may arise, will not be covered under your warranty, incurring extra costs on your behalf to fix. This will not only cost you, but will cause an inconvenience if your unit breaks altogether and you are left without air conditioning.

Regular maintenance will not only reduce your electricity costs by keeping your air conditioning efficient, it will help avoid extra costs such as major repair works or warranty invalidations. You save money in more ways than one, with timely servicing and get the assurance of year round protection.

Total Environment Kooling have specialist knowledge in air conditioning systems to provide expert care for all your maintenance needs, whether a scheduled maintenance contract or a one-off repair. For more information on our air conditioning maintenance, please call us on 0117 952 33 55, or you can fill in our contact form and we will be in touch promptly.