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How Faulty Air Con can disrupt a Workplace

For some businesses, air conditioning may be an added luxury to their workplace and not thought of as a priority. This means that should a fault occur, fixing it may not be at the top of your lists of priorities. Despite the belief that office air conditioning is a luxury, a faulty system could actually be incredibly disruptive to a workplace.


A noisy air conditioning unit can be incredibly distracting for employees, not to mention that it could be a sign of a serious fault with your system. Though busy offices may not notice the noisy machinery, those working in quieter spaces may find persistent noise a real hindrance to their day, even struggling to pay attention their daily tasks because of it.

A healthy air conditioning unit shouldn’t make much noise, so if your machine is whirring loudly or making loud noises, even if occasionally, then it is definitely worth having a maintenance check on it as it is likely to be in need of repair.


Faulty air conditioning may not be able to regulate the temperature of a space correctly. Issues include constantly changing temperature, or the unit staying stuck on a particular temperature. Temperature can have a huge effect on our wellbeing and productivity while at work. Feeling too cold or too hot can limit productivity by making people feel drowsy, unwell, or simply provide a distraction as they try to cool down or warm up.

Damaging to the Environment

Although not necessarily disrupting the day-to-day life of a workplace, a faulty air conditioning system can reduce any eco-friendly efforts that a business makes. Faulty systems will use up far more energy that efficient ones, which will mean that a business’s carbon footprint is larger.

Ignoring a faulty air conditioning unit can lead to much more serious problems that can be a bigger disruption to the workplace. Air conditioning systems that remain unfixed can mean that the whole unit will need replacing rather than parts, the installing of which can provide further disruption to a workplace.

If you’ve got an air conditioning unit that isn’t working as it should be, then why not get in touch with the team at Total Environmental Kooling. We provide air conditioning maintenance, so get in touch by calling 0117 952 3355 to find out more about our services.