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How can I make my office air conditioning more energy efficient?

Older systems of air conditioning units in your office or work environment are wasteful in their energy usage, which can cause an increase in your energy bills as well as cause potential harm to the environment. Newer technologies and systems are developed with energy efficiency at the forefront, utilising new ways of keeping your office cool while remaining cost-effective and reducing wasted energy.

Air conditioning zoning

Zoning is a system that regulates temperature differently depending on the spaces within building, creating separate segments with which to cool your building. This is especially useful if you’d like your office to be cooled separately from your server room which often requires a very cool temperature. With zoning, you can cool each room or space independently of each other, which means no unnecessary overcooling in the rest of the building.

VRF systems

Variable Refrigerant Flow, or VRF, systems use very precise temperature controls that will automatically change depending on the current temperature. This specific control means you will have much more regulated temperature in the office, rather than the more traditional on and off functions of older AC units. With more specific temperature regulation, less energy is wasted.

VRV heat recovery

Heat recovery technology uses excess heat and stale air generated from the building and harvests the heat from it. The stale air is expelled outside while the heat is pumped back into the heat system. VRV units greatly improve your energy efficiency as well as reduce carbon dioxide levels, creating the perfect climate in your office. Daikin, the leading supplier of AC equipment, also reports a 40% reduction in your energy costs.

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