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How can I make my air conditioning more efficient?

Inefficient air conditioning can make electricity bills double in price and can have a detrimental effect on the environment. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, and to keep your air conditioning at optimum efficiency, you can take some preventative measures listed below.

Don’t mess with the thermostat

There’s a temptation to use the thermostat in order to quickly change the temperature in a room but this isn’t always the best use. For example, if you have it set at 20 degrees and it is a warm day, don’t be tempted to put it down to 16 degrees to get the room to 20 degrees quicker – this won’t work. Air conditioning units don’t have variable speeds so it will get to the set temperature at the same rate as if you lower the temperature.

Use a timer

Most systems will come with a timer and you should definitely use it. For example, for business properties, you don’t always need the space cooled or heated during the night to the same levels as during the day; timers allow you to control this. Set the timer for each day and make sure you remember how much the property is used on weekends. If not at all, perhaps you can turn it off completely.

Keep the sun out

In warmer months, use curtains or blinds to help your air conditioning unit out by keeping the worst of the sun’s warmth out of the space. Sunlight can force air con units to work harder to reduce the temperature and this uses more power.

Use an exhaust fan

In kitchens or areas with lots of hot equipment, an exhaust or extractor fan can help with air conditioning and make the room cooler. Even a floor fan used while cooking can reduce the strain on the system and help move hot air out of the kitchen.

Air conditioning unit location

The ideal place for an air conditioning unit is on the north side of a property but this won’t be possible for all offices. If you have to have the unit somewhere with direct sun light exposure, it’s a good idea to place near a shaded wall.

Consider your ventilation

Heat rises to the highest point in the room, which is why proper ventilation is important. Also by making the temperature more balanced, you can make the air conditioning run more efficiently – by as much as 10% in some cases. It also reduces the risk of problems such as condensation in the winter with warm air hitting cold roof tiles.

Have regular servicing

Most air conditioning unit manufacturers recommend that you have your system serviced at least every twelve months. This will not only guarantee that your air conditioning unit won’t be faulty when you most need it, but massively improves the efficiency. Faulty air con units are likely to be using much more energy to run, or wasting energy, which means they’ll be costing you more money. By diagnosing issues in advance of them becoming a fault, you can keep on top of the efficiency and help to reduce your carbon footprint.

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