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Creating the perfect climate in your commercial premises

Various studies have been undertaken to ascertain what the best temperature for a commercial premises might be. The minimum recommended temperature is 13oC in commercial premises where physical activity levels are high, while a minimum for more static work environments should be 16oC. Maximum levels are hard to set as conditions can vary dramatically, for example in a busy factory or a bakery, but having a commercial property that is too hot can be as, or even more, detrimental to staff than cold conditions.

While everyone will have a different opinion about the optimum temperature, it is important that you provide adequate heating facilities in colder temperatures and suitable cooling facilities during the warmer months.

Effective air conditioning

If you have extensive, heat-generating equipment on site you will need to ensure that your air conditioning system is effective, regularly maintained and set to a reasonable level of coolness. In addition to regulating the temperature, it’s important that you pay attention to air flow and humidity, which can have also have an impact on staff wellbeing and performance.

The consequences of poor temperature regulation

Research from Northumbria University found that staff productivity plummeted in uncomfortably cold conditions, with more errors made and a lack of ability to stay focused. Failure to regulate a healthy temperature could lead to:

•Decreased performance

•Low mood and morale

•Staff sickness

Working in excessive heat or humidity can cause drowsiness, nausea and faintness. In some instances, commercial premises that are too hot or cold may result in staff illness, which can have an extremely detrimental impact on productivity, so it’s important to consider the issue.

Commercial air conditioning

At Total Environmental Kooling (TEK), we design and install commercial air conditioning systems for buildings and offices of all sizes. Whether you are looking for help with design, installation or maintenance, we will help to ensure that your commercial premises are kept at an optimum temperature with plenty of healthy air flow.

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