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Common air conditioning problems explained

For your air conditioning units, it’s sensible to be aware of the most common faults. By actively looking for these faults and diagnosing them in advance, you can avoid a major A/C unit breakage and save yourself money on repair costs.

Low refrigerant

Having a low level of refrigerant in your air conditioning system could suggest a leak. If your A/C unit needs recharging with refrigerant, then have it checked over thoroughly to locate a leak or problem. Even a 10% loss of coolant will cause you a 20% increase in your electrical costs so it’s worth checking regularly.

Low levels of refrigerant can also freeze the evaporator coil, cause compressor failure and reduce general efficiency so look out for these issues to indicate a leak.

Overheating unit

If your air conditioning unit regularly overheats and maybe trips the safety overload, it’s likely your outside fan is not working properly. The fan is responsible for the heat transfer to outside of the building, so when this is not functioning, the system overheats. This can cause internal damage to the compressor if not diagnosed.

General system issues

One common problem with air conditioning is the wrong sized unit installed. A system too large will not provide sufficient humidity control and a system too small will have a shorter life span as it will be overworking. To avoid this, ensure you have a professional air conditioning installer to assess your commercial property or business premises beforehand.

At Total Environmental Kooling, we understand that no two offices or commercial premises are the same. We pride ourselves on our specialist knowledge as professional air conditioning contractors, and will install the right system for your premises. We also offer maintenance contracts so you can ensure your system maintains a high level of efficiency.

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