TEK offer high quality cleanroom design, installation, maintenance and repairs throughout the UK and internationally from our home in Bristol. With over 20 years’ experience, we have worked with some of the biggest names in various industries, including Rolls Royce and Renishaw.

Our in-house design team will work with you to understand your exact requirements for your cleanroom. This includes the desired layout as well as the optimal air cleanliness, temperature, humidity and air flow for your operations. We will then produce a design that offers everything you need, all to a carefully calculated budget.

We can take care of every aspect of constructing your cleanroom, including all building works, mechanical and electrical services, offering a complete turnkey package. From the very earliest stages of the project we will provide detailed costings so you have a clear understand of how your money is being spent.

Our cleanrooms can reduce contamination and improve processes for all kinds of industries, including high tech manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and research laboratories. All our work is carried out to the very highest standards required for ISO certification.

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Our Cleanroom Technology

TEK use a variety of technologies to create the perfect cleanroom environment for each of our customers. Once we have established your requirement, we can recommend the appropriate solution to suit your needs and budget. The possibilities include:

• Hardwall cleanrooms (which can be split into zones with individual environmental controls)
• Softwall cleanrooms
• Laminar flow cabinets (also known as unidirectional flow units)

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Modular Cleanroom Design

Many of our customers require different environmental conditions in different areas, something which can be easily accommodated with a modular design. This involves splitting the main cleanroom area into different sections, either with hardwall or softwall dividers, allowing each modular zone to be controlled separately.

A modular design also has the advantage that any contaminants accidentally introduced into one area will be unable to spread throughout the entire cleanroom complex.

ISO Cleanroom Standards

In the UK, cleanrooms are generally classified using ISO 14644-1 standards, which refer to the number of particles 0.1 micrometres (µm) or larger permitted per cubic metre (m³) of air in the cleanroom.

ISO classifications use a logarithmic scale, so an ISO 3 cleanroom has at most 10³ particles greater than 0.1 µm per m³. The scale goes from ISO 3 up to ISO 8 with an ISO 3 cleanroom offering the highest levels of air cleanness.

TEK offer all classes of cleanroom from ISO 3 to ISO 8 and we guarantee that our work will achieve the required standards for certification.

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