TEK offer high quality cleanroom design, installation, maintenance and repairs. We have been designing and installing bespoke cleanrooms for 20 years, nationally and internationally. Based in Bristol, we deliver a high quality turnkey package but equally can help with the maintenance and repairs of your existing cleanroom.

We work with a range of industries, from pharmaceutical to industrial and have varied clients from Rolls Royce to Renishaw.

Our in-house design team will work with you to understand your exact requirements and create a bespoke cleanroom that fits your business needs. This includes the desired layout as well as the optimal air cleanliness, temperature, humidity and air flow for your operations. We will then produce a design that offers everything you need, all to a carefully calculated budget.

We can take care of every aspect of constructing your cleanroom, including all building works, mechanical and electrical services, offering a complete turnkey package. From the very earliest stages of the project, we will provide detailed costings so you have a clear understand of how your money is being spent.

Our cleanrooms can reduce contamination and improve processes for all kinds of industries, including high tech manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and research laboratories. All our work is carried out to the very highest standards required for ISO certification.

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Our Cleanroom Technology

TEK use a variety of technologies to create the perfect cleanroom environment for each of our customers. Once we have established your requirement, we can recommend the appropriate solution to suit your needs and budget. The possibilities include:

Hardwall cleanrooms (which can be split into zones with individual environmental controls) 
Softwall cleanrooms 
Laminar flow cabinets (also known as unidirectional flow units)
Modular cleanrooms

To find out more about our bespoke cutting edge cleanroom technology, please get in touch.

Modular Cleanroom Design

Many of our customers require different environmental conditions in different areas, something which can be easily accommodated with a modular design. This involves splitting the main cleanroom area into different sections, either with hardwall or softwall dividers, allowing each modular zone to be controlled separately.

A modular design also has the advantage that any contaminants accidentally introduced into one area will be unable to spread throughout the entire cleanroom complex.

After we have assessed your requirements, we can determine whether a modular cleanroom design will better fit your needs.

Humidity and temperature control in your cleanroom

We understand the need to build your perfect cleanroom, with specific temperature and humidity values.

Controlling humidity can be costly because it’s affected by so many factors that can potentially downgrade your overall cleanroom performance. Things like bacteria growth, water absorption, metal corrosion or moisture condensation are all factors to keep in mind.

One of the biggest problems with cleanrooms is the drop in temperature in places you wouldn’t expect like the top of your cleanroom. We can make sure your cleanroom is optimized for the best possible performance and that you’re in control of all aspects of your cleanroom. With our maintenance program you can make sure you’re cleanroom is always optimized and won’t suffer any sudden problems. 

ISO Cleanroom Classifications

In the UK, cleanrooms are generally classified using ISO 14644-1 standards, which refer to the number of particles 0.1 micrometres (µm) or larger permitted per cubic metre (m³) of air in the cleanroom.

ISO classifications use a logarithmic scale, so an ISO 3 cleanroom has at most 10³ particles greater than 0.1 µm per m³. The scale goes from ISO 3 up to ISO 9 with an ISO 3 cleanroom offering the highest levels of air cleanliness.

The tighter the particle control (lower the ISO number) the greater requirement the room will have in respect of air change rate and the amount of ceiling required to provide airflow. As an illustration, moving from ISO 8 down to ISO 7 will increase the air change rate from 5-48 per hour to 60-90 per hour.

Rooms conforming to ISO 9 provide a "controlled and classified" area typically offering air filtration, temperature and humidity control but the room is not classified in terms of particle count. Often this is all the client requires.

Each transition to a lower ISO level requires a dramatic increase in the amount of air changes required which can have a significant impact on cost. Industries such as pharmaceutical or medical device packaging typically need cleanrooms at ISO 7 (in some circumstances as low as ISO 5 depending on processes carried out and particles Involved), although dedicated areas for gowning and careful consideration of areas within the room for return air grills and filtration can also reduce the ISO levels within a room.

At the outset, before the room can be designed the client needs to provide full details of the process being undertaken in the room and the particulate size and levels that they are trying to control.  As can be seen the cost differential between clean room classifications can be significant.

TEK can offer all types of cleanroom from ISO 5 to ISO 9 and would be pleased to discuss your requirements in detail.

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