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TEK at Renishaw, Gloucestershire

Air conditioning systems from Daikin UK are helping to produce an ideal research and development environment for one of the world’s leading engineering and scientific technology companies.

A range of Daikin equipment has been installed to ensure staff comfort – as well as precise testing conditions – in the newly built two-storey, 15,000m2 Innovation centre building at the Renishaw plc headquarters site near Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire.

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Renishaw is a global business with expertise in precision measurement and healthcare. It supplies products and services used in applications as diverse as jet engine and wind turbine manufacture, through to dentistry and brain surgery.

Daikin equipment is the mainstay of climate control across Renishaw’s rural site – and its extensive range is now even more evident in the cooling and heating systems installed in the new building.

Alongside Daikin VRV systems, Building K has Daikin chillers, a 44.7kW Daikin Rooftop unit and Daikin Sky Air split systems.

The systems were designed and installed to Renishaw’s specification by Bristol-based Daikin D1+ installer Total Environmental Kooling (TEK). Installation – part of the wider mechanical and electrical services contract – involved up to 20 TEK engineers on site during the 14 month project.


A key element of the installation is a bank of six Daikin air-cooled small scroll chillers, ranging from 11.7kW to 47.5kW nominal cooling capacity, and fitted with integral hydraulic module including buffer tank, pump and expansion vessel.

The chillers provide the cooling, via air handling units, for six heavily insulated thermal rooms of various sizes. Four of these rooms can be set to operate at any temperature between 10°C and 50°C and must stabilise any new temperature setting within 3.5 hours. Two are close control rooms, where a constant 20°C has to be maintained with no more than 1ºC variation up or down.

The office and technical areas, which occupy most of the floor area, and the 320m2 lecture theatre are served by a bank of 17 Daikin VRV heat recovery units – totalling 256hp – connected to 187 Roundflow cassettes and 18 floor-mounted fan coil units. The systems are designed to maximise the use of recovered heat so that energy costs are contained as far as possible.

A separate 16hp Daikin VRV heat pump serves further Roundflow cassettes in the foyer.

Daikin Sky Air split systems serve stairwells and a communications room. In total, there are six Seasonal Smart systems and one Seasonal Classic. High COP Roundflow Cassettes are installed in the stairwells, and wall-mounted fan coil units are fitted in the communications room.

All the systems are controlled locally by 207 wired remote controllers, and centrally by four Daikin Intelligent Touch Managers.

The Daikin air-cooled Rooftop unit – typically used for large spaces such as department stores or warehouses – is a heat pump model, providing heating or cooling to the double-volume 250m2 product display area in the Innovation centre. Supply and return air is distributed by ducts to inlet and discharge grilles. Heat pumps are fitted with a microcomputer deicer to optimise defrosting cycles. For high durability and low sound levels, the heat pumps have Daikin scroll compressors.

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