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The benefits of modular cleanrooms

A good functioning cleanroom is vital in certain working environments to ensure that the space is kept carefully controlled. Quality is of the upmost importance, with a low level of pollutant particles and a tightly regulated temperature and humidity.

Modular cleanrooms allow more flexibility than traditional clean rooms, leaving you leeway for any changes the room might have to undergo. This means they are often a simpler option for some industries. Here are some more of the advantages of installing a modular cleanroom.

Engineering and Construction time

As modular cleanrooms are not part of the integral wall structure, it takes a lot less time for them to be designed, constructed and installed. This is especially useful if your company needs to have a room fitted quickly and efficiently.

Flexible Assembly

The way these rooms are fitted and put together enables you to rearrange and move them with ease. You can expand the layout without having to rebuild, accounting for any business expansion or growth that might occur. You can also disassemble and reorganise if you are moving premises, or rearranging the layout of your shop floor.

Tax Benefits

After seven years, a modular cleanroom can be written off whereas regular cleanrooms take much longer for the tax to depreciate. This is because modular rooms are considered capital equipment whereas traditional cleanrooms are named capital improvements.

Having a modular cleanroom might be the better option for your business. TEK specialise in cleanroom installation so if you’d like some advice or more information, please give us a ring on 0117 952 33 55. Or you can fill in a contact form and we will get back to you.