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An In-Depth Look at R-32: the latest in refrigerant technology

R32: The latest in refrigerant technology

While all air conditioning systems provide a comfortable environment for commercial properties, not all refrigerants are as cost-effective and energy efficient as we would like them to be.

What is R-32?

R-32 is a new generation of refrigerant that will efficiently circulate between indoor and outdoor units, while actively reducing electricity consumption up to as much as 10% compared to air conditioners using existing R-22 refrigerant. It is also far more energy efficient that other refrigerants on the market and has a global warming potential (GWP) that is one-third lower than comparable products.

What are the advantages of using R-32?

Available as a single component refrigerant, R-32 is far easier to reuse and recycle than other types of refrigerant available today.  It is also affordable and cheap to produce, meaning that there will is a ready supply available for your commercial air conditioning system.  Other benefits of switching to R-32 include:

  • A lower GWP of around 675 – making it as much as one-third lower than comparable products.
  • R-32 has zero ozone depleting potential (ODP) meaning it is causes zero depletion in the stratosphere. ODP is used as a measure of destructive effect of the refrigerant, and those with zero ODP are obviously far more environmentally friendly than those that have a value of 1 or more.
  • R-32 is an ideal alternative for the next generation of air conditioning equipment. Following the introduction in Europe of the F-Gas Regulations and at the start of January 2015, HFC refrigerants have been phased down completely. R-32 is an excellent replacement and works well with the most state of the art, energy efficient commercial air conditioning systems available on the market today.
  • It offers a far higher level of efficiency and longer pipe runs during which the refrigerant flows to and from the internal and external components. These two benefits combined make for a much more cost-effective solution.
  • R-32 requires less refrigerant volume per Kw. Again, this just reflects the excellent value for money this new refrigerant represents.
  • R32 is also low-toxic, is difficult to ignite and does not explode – making it safer and more effective than ever before.

Should you change to R-32 for your commercial air conditioning?

The decision by air conditioning manufacturers to transition to a new refrigerant was driven by their impact on the environment, their energy efficiency, overall safety concerns and their cost effectiveness.  R-32 meets the criteria for improving all of four of these major considerations.

With this in mind, switching your air conditioning refrigerant over to R-32 will not only make your business compliant with F-Gas regulations, it will also help to rapidly reduce your carbon footprint, and be much more costs effective and energy efficient.

R-32 Installation from TEK

If you are considering switching to an R-32 installation, it is vital that you ask a professional and experienced commercial air conditioning specialist to undertake the work for you.

TEK are a leading provider of commercial air conditioning systems across South West.  Speak to them in the first instance to see how they can help upgrade your system using R-32 refrigerants. They can help with air conditioning installation in Bristol and can assist you with upgrading to a more energy efficient system like R-32. You can call us on 0117 952 3355 or contact us online for tailored advice.