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What Are The Advantages of a Managed Maintenance Contract For Air Conditioning?

Whether you have an air conditioning system in your home or workplace, putting an air conditioning maintenance contract in place to keep it in top condition all year round couldn’t be more important.

Often, air conditioning systems run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and that can lead to a lot of wear and tear on the system. In order to prevent a leak, breakdown or even whole system failure, regular maintenance is key, and the most effective and affordable way to do this is to invest in an air con managed maintenance contract.

What is an Air Conditioning Maintenance Contract?

Many people fail to realise that their air conditioning system requires servicing a minimum of once per year to keep it operating safely and at its maximum performance level. Without that regular maintenance, the unit may start to become less efficient over time, leaving the property without proper cooling, heating and ventilation.

While this is irritating and inconvenient for private individuals, it can be even more detrimental for business owners, who need to ensure an adequate level of air conditioning and heating so that their clients, customers, and service users enjoy the right climatic conditions indoors.

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With a contract for air conditioning maintenance for businesses or private individuals, it’s possible to have complete peace of mind that the annual air con servicing will be carried out and the system will continue to function at its optimal level at all times.

What Are the Benefits of Having an Air Con Maintenance Contract?

There are so many benefits that come with arranging an air conditioning maintenance contract including:

  • A longer lifespan for the unit – your air conditioning unit is a major investment, so you need to give it the ongoing care and attention that it needs to ensure it enjoys its maximum lifespan. Without regular maintenance, air conditioning units will break down more quickly and will require replacement at a far earlier stage.
  • Improved quality – If issues remain unattended for long periods of time, the air flow level that the unit produces will be negatively impacted. The quality of the cooling and heating settings will also be affected, and this could result in higher costs when it comes to repairing the unit.
  • Maintaining warranty – Most air conditioning units come with excellent warranties from the manufacturer (which can be up to 7 years), however the warranty will only be upheld if you can demonstrate that sufficient maintenance has been carried out by suitably qualified engineers.  A planned maintenance contract is an ideal way of achieving this and ensuring all warranties are upheld.
  • Better energy efficiency – when an air con system is well-maintained, it uses far less energy when compared with a system that is less energy-efficient due to being poorly-maintained. That means that electricity bills will be lower with a maintenance contract in place.

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  • Problems will be spotted early – when an air con system is serviced regularly, any potential problems will be spotted at an early stage and can, therefore, be rectified quickly and at a lower cost. Without regularly maintenance, small problems can get out of hand and turn into major issues that are costly to repair and that may even result in an entire failure of the system which could lead to the entire unit having to be replaced at high cost.
  • Higher performance – when air conditioning systems are checked regularly, their performance will stay high, so you’ll benefit from optimal air flow and maximum fresh air output – something that is especially important for businesses who need to ensure their customers and employees are comfortable at all times.

Do I Need an Air Con Maintenance Contract?

It’s always a good idea for anyone with an air conditioning system in place to arrange for an air con maintenance contract to be put in place, but there are some key signs that you should certain consider arranging one:

  • Weak air flow – if the flow of your air conditioning unit is quite weak, it may be because the filters are dirty or clogged. This results in the unit working harder and energy bills rising over time. If filters are left in this state for extended periods of time, the unit will become overheated and overworked which may lead to it eventually breaking down. Also if the filters are dirty they won’t be delivering a clean and fresh air flow to occupants, which can lead to odours and stale air.

Also, as dust and dirt gathers and accumulates over time, the build-up may migrate to the fan blades and coils, creating additional weight and potentially damage the fan’s motor.

maintaining an air con unit

  • Water leaks – if your air conditioning unit is leaking water, this is a sign that you should arrange for a maintenance contract quickly. Dirt and grime from blocked and clogged filters, frost build-up, a low level of refrigerant, or even a power loss because of a fuse or breaker issue could all be causing a leak and all of these causes need investigation.

If the drainage is blocked, the reason could be a build-up of algae that thrives naturally in cool and damp environments. This should certainly be treated quickly to guard against mould and mildew developing.

  • Failure to heat or cool – if your system isn’t cooling or heating properly, the cause could be a faulty PCB or compressor due to poor ongoing maintenance. It may also be down to lost refrigerant because of a system leak which could be as a result of wear and tear, damage, or poor installation.

While these issues are a problem for any air con unit, the impact on commercial environments could be severe, especially in the cases of cold stores and restaurants, so arranging for a maintenance contract is the best course of action.

How Can We Help?

As professionals in the field of air conditioning maintenance, the team here at Total Environmental Kooling Ltd are proud to be able to offer cost-effective and reliable air conditioning maintenance for businesses and individuals alike. We are fully F-Gas accredited and our engineers hold F-Gas certificates to be certified to handle refrigerant safely. We’re on hand to ensure your cooling equipment stays in top working condition, saving you money and helping you to stay energy efficient at all times.

When you take out our air conditioning maintenance contract, you can benefit from the service of our accredited air con engineers whenever your system requires maintenance or repairs, so you can enjoy convenience and an optimally functioning system all year round.

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